Neon 18

We are a non-profit advocacy group that supports children's rights. holds the belief that children make mistakes and adults are held accountable for their children in their circle of influence. Children under 21 are still developing their adolescent brains and when it comes to driving, we need to help our young people to be responsible on the roadways.

Since the "Luis Ortega Street-Racing Bill" failed in The Florida Legislature in 2009 and there is very little protection from illegal street-racing in our neighborhoods, we need to advocate  safe driving in the pro-racing capital of the USA! Three blocks from my daughters roadside memorial on the Beachline in Orlando, the annual SEMA show exhibits their after market racing gear. Every year there are annual racing events and our children are dying on the sides of the roadways, without  any metrics for illegal street racing or any representation of the fact that SPEED KILLS! 

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