On April 2nd of 2005, at 10:15 a.m., a tragedy occurred at mile marker # 27 on Highway 528 (Beachline ) in Orange County Florida. The life of a young, beautiful, talented girl was violently taken. Her name was Emily Jasmine; she was my daughter. 
This is not a story of grief, of how to overcome tragedy, of how to rebuild your life from the ashes left behind by a loved one’s death. This is a narrative, if you will, of the dangers of street racing, the careless culture of racing fanatics, and the lack of concern for human life. This is the compelling recounting of the tragedy of a gifted, promising young lady. A young lady whose life was cut short by a world that bowed down to the shrine of the Speed Fanatic Culture, where private businesses, officers of the law, and young drivers were fascinated by speed and blind to consequence.

The young man who tried to pass another vehicle on the highway, in his brand new Honda Civic at excessive speeds, also lost his life that Saturday morning in April.  Sadly and tragically, two families are left behind who must pick up the pieces and somehow make sence of their new reality in a culture that will not  address the unintended consequences of Speed. 

History repeats itself again and again.  When will we stand up for our young adults?