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Neon18 (@clbr@cfl.rr.com)
Date:5/8/2010 7:22:47 AM

Thank you for your reply.
I don’t have misguided pain, although I understand the position that you take and I appreciate all of the efforts that professional motorsports make for safety.
Lately the sponsors are marketing to our young drivers. Fast, Easy , Fun and More is the message. The young man who drove my daughter to her death was misinformed, the engineering for an Indy Car is not that transferable to the Honda street-car. A Honda civic couldn’t hold the road at 95mph, pushing to pass. Honda has stopped its “hold on to your dreams commercials” during Indy races.

Considering that when I started on this journey 5 years ago, the legal language for illegal street racing was 5-7 lines and was expanded in 2007 to a complete page of legal explanation, It is clear that Florida is just beginning to deal with illegal street racing. Many old Natives just look at this problem as a rite of passage in Florida-
The memorials tell the story.

Graduated drivers licenses should be talked about much more since kids are watching SPEED from the outside looking in-

We have a 13% tourist tax (Hotels .)

We have crappy Drivers Ed. AND very young race car drivers who are in training, who have friends.
So tired of hearing about the ladder systems “permission to race but not licensed to drive” because those kids all have friends and they all want what fast living has to offer.
The adults in the circle of racing need to address the dangers of Speed, instead of glorifying it. Lets hear about the broken backs, broken legs, and full body casts.
Racing is not a ”pretty sport” AND if it is going to be marketed to our young drivers, lets hear the PSA’s.
Cigarettes and alcohol are taxed along with gasoline.
We don’t advertise smoking and we have warnings on cigarettes and alcohol.
Also, the racing industry love to use their “charitable giving as entre’e into our cities. One famous philanthropist from Miami, who loves fast living, just started the’ fallen officers charity’-How convenient.

“If you are in control you are driving too slow” Another catch phrase.

Pushing young drivers in the Indy 500 and all that goes with that is what went on with our” accident.” It was predictable and History has repeated itself.

1% on $100 is only $1….The promoters can make a contribution for education since they are selling speed to our kids-
Someday it may go on the ballot.
Speed Kills. Enjoy motorsports responsibly.

Thanks for your feedback.


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Andrew Forsythe (Andrewforsythe05@yahoo.com)
Date:5/7/2010 10:51:37 PM
Subject:Misguided Pain

To Whom it May Concern,

I recently read a story about your efforts to take legitimate racing to pay for further drivers education after the loss of your daughter. I wanted to let me know that I disagree with you. I am very sorry for your loss. However I ask you to think about the precedent that you are setting by pushing for this law.

Modern day motorsports go to extreme lengths to keep our sport on the track, and as safe as possible, all while being legal. This is no easy task. The two largest groups, SCCA and NASA, in no way condone street racing. Every race car driver I have ever met is strongly against street racing in fact. It's a stupid past time that puts peoples lives in danger for no good reason.

Professional motorsports did not kill your daughter. As painful as it may to be admit, your daughter chose to get in that car, and her boyfriend chose to engage in unsafe behavior. It was a terrible mistake on at least one of their parts.

Why should those of us who enjoy motorsports be punished for our choice of entertainment? Should the NFL have to pay for every injury kids receive playing backyard football? I take issue with the idea that I am some how to blame for people who make bad decisions and engage in street racing.

Why not fine drivers who engage in reckless driving to pay for further education? That would have the added benefit of deterring would be street racers.

As I said, I am sorry for your loss. But blaming a group that at best "inspired" such behavior (and I question how we even did that) is not the answer I feel. Thanks you.

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Debra romero (myangelwaits4meinheaven@hotmail.com)
Date:5/4/2010 9:03:34 PM
Subject:MARS (Mothers Against Racing on the Street)

My name is Debbie and i as well as two other moms have founded a non-profit organization to help get these kids and even adults off the streets and give them an option to go to a track. i lost my son December 27th of 2006. my world has changed, it truly is hard to get up in the morning and deal with life since he is gone. how many ppl have to die before we can put a stop to this senseless act? it is difficult to make a change when you are a small group, there is power in numbers! we need to come together to save lives. if there is anything we can do to help, please feel free to contact me at the above refernced email or phone 407.690.6206. i look forrward to hearing from you.

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Laurie Broadus (writersue42@yahoo.com)
Date:5/2/2010 9:48:10 AM
Subject:MARS CFL Mothers Against RAcing On The STreet

I think we could help each other, I also lost my son at age 18 from the sensless act of street racing. I am now working with three other moms who lost there oldest sons to the same issue. I started Parents In The Fast Lane On FACEBOOK to help other parents who have lost there kids to street racing or anonther reason for that matter.Then in June of 2009 I was introduced to Debbie Romero, a week later GIO Emilys son was killed on Presedents drive in orlando florida of of OBT. Things happen so fast. We now have started MARS CFL INC a non profit organinsation that will educate teens about the dangers of street racing. we have been to 4 schools so far and plan to go to as many who will let us come and speak. our web site is marscfl.com. we are just getting our paper work done for the 501c3 tax non profit tax exempt. We are only 3 moms and we could use your voice. I believe that there should be something comeing back to MARS CFL so we can keep moving forward with educating our youth. we are just getting started and have been printing materal and and putting videos together to bring awearness to teens and parents alike. please contact me, I really think we can help each other. My son dided April 11 2006 on 436 @ 2:10 in the afternoon. it has been 4 years since I have seen his warm smile. I miss him everyday. this is a club we would rather not be in. but here we are to tell one and all we miss our shinning stars. Thank you for speaking out My # is 321-388-3719, writersue42@yahoo.comis my e mail. looking forward to talking to you in person. Respectfuly
Laurie Brosdus

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Richard (Richard@AOL.com)
Date:3/14/2010 8:54:40 AM
Subject:Great work

Great job on your new website. The new Google page is great.

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