1% surcharge on professional racing for Drivers Education

Jun 15, 2010 @ 8:17 am
In addition to “children’s charities” why not support graduated drivers licensing and safe driving on the road? The children who idolize SPEED and the heroes of SPEED are going to need a lot of charity…you rarely hear from them or their families because they are swept under the rug. Being famous for quotes like “if you are in control you are driving to slow” and explaining “push to pass” around young drivers…can cause heartbreak. Children are imitating their heroes on the roads and highways. When Sgr. was racing there were only 3 television stations and penny candy was a penny! Racing back then when top speeds were 175 mph and no safety wall was very courageous but we need to translate safe driving skills from professional racing not aggressive driving attitude or fast living. Skill and experience are very critical with young drivers-not as critical as wisdom and knowing when NOT TO PASS
I like Sgr. because I am asked to forgive every Sunday when I go to church. I pray for the young drivers also who are risking their lives to make a dollar…(actually a million dollars.)
Some of us have paid a huge price for the love of SPEED.
Laughing about how you need an emergency room when your family is togeather (read that somewhere) is not something to brag about. “All gasoline and No brakes” is what the children in your circles are immitating and if not them it is the other kids without access to the Festivals of SPEED.”Fast, Fun. Easy and More is what kids want today and a wise gentleman would not encourage that.

Drivers Education has been cut out of the budget in most School Districts where professional racing is so popular. Would Sgr. consider a 1% tax on professional racing revenue to support Drivers Education? Children 18-21, just learning how to maneuver around their world need to see their racing heros as people who not only are charitable on the one hand but genuinely concerned for life and road safety.
Children’s Hospital in PA has an injury and prevention center, that is a charity worth supporting. Sgr. knows first hand that speed kills and we appreciate any and all efforts regarding road safety.

Sgr.,we thought that the Disney Movie “CARS” was so great and that 18 year olds wanting to drive in Formula-1 was nothing more than a child’s dream. It is great for children to want to be a champion and a hero and you have represented that for many.
Check out Children’s Hospital of PA and speak up for graduated drivers lisensing!

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