Another Memorial for Deadly Crash in Seminole County

Once again, speed kills: Memorials continue for 4 Seminole teens killed in fiery crash

Monday, April 13, 2009  
This memorial for the teens keeps growing.

PINELLAS COUNTY – Sunday family and friends paid tribute to the four teens killed in a car crash Friday night in Seminole.

On the tree that the car hit are written words of love and loss. On the ground there is a cross and a basketball, as well as candles, balloons and Easter lilies.

Seminole High School student Devin Sonnenschein saw the accident happen.

“I was two cars behind them, so I saw everything. It’s hard because you can’t get any of the pictures out of your head,” Sonnenschein said. “And you see it over and over again.”

The memorial for the teens is constantly growing, with family members, students, and neighbors paying their respects.

“I’m just trying to pray every day for them, and even though I didn’t know them I felt like I did,” said Seminole High School student Matt Pellissier.

Parents are using the memorial to remind their children to be safe on the roads.

“He’s going to be getting his restricted license in about two weeks, and I keep telling him how important it is to be safe at all times, make sure he doesn’t speed on the roads,” said parent Debbie Pellissier.

A memorial for the teens will be held at 7:30 Tuesday night at Seminole High School. Both Seminole High School and Largo High School students have decided to wear white at school Monday.

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Grief counselors are scheduled to be at both high schools Monday morning to help students, teachers and school employees deal with the tragic deaths.

A public candlelight vigil is scheduled for Tuesday evening in Seminole.

The teen that survived the accident, 17-year-old Corey Lepore of Seminole, remains in fair condition at Bayfront Medical Center.

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