Another Sanctioned Tragedy


Despite a deadly accident at the Auburndale Speedway Saturday night, the races will go on this coming weekend.

Tyler Morr, a 12-year-old from Arcadia, had been stabilized with life-threatening injuries at Lakeland Regional Medical Center on Saturday night before getting transferred to All Children’s Hospital, where he died Wednesday afternoon.

The track’s owner, Rex Guy, said it was like losing one of his own children.

Guy said Morr was in the outside lane in his stock car, when he struck another car in the inside lane, but then lost control and slammed into the outside wall.

There were four other drivers who were not harmed. Guy said all of the drivers were properly harnessed and wearing helmets.

And their cars are not supposed to exceed 45 miles per hour. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office has not yet been able to determine how fast Morr was going when his car crashed.

As you might imagine, reaction around town is mixed, about young kids, no matter how experienced, getting behind the wheels of cars.

“You never have enough experience,” said Jackie Withers. “Even if you’re 18 or 23, you still don’t have enough experience.”

“I think there should be an older age limit , 15 to 16 is what I’d look at you know,” said Eric Guthrie, “when they start getting their driving permits and stuff.”

“If my daughters were racing, I would know the risks,” said Tammy Ryan. “I mean, you still want them to do what they do, what they enjoy in life, that’s ultimately it I guess, and unfortunately, he died doing what he enjoyed.”

This weekend they will be racing again at Auburndale, and the track’s owner said they’ll be passing a hat to raise donations for the Morr family.

Guy said they’ve gotten calls from all over the country, folks wanting to help them out.

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