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Veteran1 gets Chairman’s Award at Festival of Speed
Today 10-10-2010 at the Festival of Speed Car Show in Orlando,
Veteran 1 got one of 10 top awards and was awarded the Chairmans Award out of 150 cars judged and was competiting against 1.5 million dollar cars; ranging from Buggatti toLamboghinis. Important to note that in this  show the cars were only judged on exterior and interior looks, nothing to do with performance, etc and the judges clearly said the custom two tone RED/BLACK
Carbon Fiber interior pieces from The Carbon Fiber Specialists help set Veteran1 apart from the other cars being judged.The award was presented by Valentino Balboni, the chief test driver for Lamboghini.Also in a raffle an enthisiast won a $450 dollar Lamboghini Racing Suit.

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Fast cars  and SPEED for  kids 18-23 in Orlando, Florida are a serious  problem. 

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